How to make profit on cryptocurrency in 2021

Take a look at 6 main ways to earn on cryptocurrency and opt for the one that suits you the best!
Crypto is a digital asset based on a blockchain that allows storing data in a way immune to changes, hacker attacks, or data breach. With such powerful technology at its core, cryptocurrency is extensively used as a way to get income.

So how can you make a profit on crypto? ?



Trading implies buying and selling crypto to make a profit on currency fluctuations. To make the most of this method, it’s recommended to learn how to analyze charts and conduct technical analysis.

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Mining means using specialized equipment to verify transactions and keep the network secure, for which you get rewarded. Today you can still mine less popular coins, carrying a low hash rate and less powerful electronics, but their unstable value makes it somewhat risky.

Trading competitions

In trading competitions, contestants should grow seed capital to the greatest extent possible on a particular coin or token by the end of the deadline. The prize pool is divided among the best traders.

Referral programs

Most crypto platforms reward users for helping them get new members. This method works perfectly well for those who have many followers on social media to spread the word among. Still, anyone can turn it into an additional source of income.

You can share a referral link with someone you know, and as soon as they are in, you get an interest from every fee they pay. It's worth researching the platform you’re going to recommend to avoid scam projects.

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Airdrops and Bounty campaigns

Airdrop is a distribution of tokens by an exchange aimed at strengthening and expanding its user base. Bounty campaigns also provide free tokens, but in exchange for some service, like coding, translation, social media activity, and others.

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Staking means keeping funds locked in a digital wallet, thus lending them to the network for transaction validation based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. The person carrying the biggest number of coins becomes the validator.

With our SMART Staking plans you can get up to 10% yearly interest without expensive hardware or a comprehensive understanding of the PoS mechanism.


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