Anmeldung und Kontoeinrichtung

Wie meldet man sich bei WhiteBIT an?

Wie meldet man sich bei seinem Konto an?

WhiteBIT Konto



I didn’t receive a confirmation letter. What do I do?

How to change my password?

What should I do if I forgot my password and have no access to the account?

Identity verification (KYC)

What is KYC and what is it for?

How to pass the identity verification?

How long should I wait for KYC to be checked? What should I do if I made a mistake in the application form?

Why don’t I receive e-mails from WhiteBIT?

Deposit / Withdrawal

Depositing a cryptocurrency

Depositing national currency

Withdrawing a cryptocurrency

Withdrawing national currency

Memo / Destination tag

Number of network confirmations

Any difficulties?

Fees, minimum deposits and withdrawals

WhiteBIT Token (WBT)

Die Vorteile des WBT-Tokens

Was bedeutet Holding und wie läuft sie ab?

Wie überweist man Guthaben im Holding?

Kann man sein Geld aus der Holding auszahlen lassen?

Freischalten von WBT-Tokens

Wie kann man WBT kaufen?

Demo Token

Demo Token and its advantages

How to get a Demo Token?

Margin Trading

What’s Margin Trading?

Gebühr für den Margenhandel

What are positions, how do they differ?

What’s a Margin Call? What’s liquidation?

Why don’t I receive e-mails from WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT Futures

Was sind unbefristete Futures-Kontrakte?

Wie funktionieren Futures-Kontrakte?

Welche Vorteile bringt mir das Trading mit Futures?


Market and Limit order

Stop orders


How to place an order?

Can I cancel an Order?

I cannot cancel the order / Funds were not credited to the account

Where can I see the history of my orders?

I issued a Buy Order for 100 coins, with only 20 coins credited to me. Why?

I placed an order but, for some reason, it is not accepted, although I can see cheaper Buy Orders being already processed. Why?

Where can I see Buy Orders?


Decimal Token (DECL)


Decimal token (DECL)

How to use DECL ?


How the exchange works?

What should I do if I faced any difficulties during an exchange?

WhiteBIT Referral Program

WhiteBIT Referral Program

How does the program work and when does the interest accrue?

Referral information

WhiteBIT Earn

Was ist WhiteBIT Earn?

Was ist Krypto-Lending?

Krypto-Lending. Wie öffne/schließe ich einen Plan?

Krypto-Lending. Haben Sie noch Fragen?

Was ist Staking?

Kann ich in Staking investieren?

WhiteBIT Code

How to create a WhiteBIT Code?

Which balance will be used to create a WhiteBIT Code and where the funds will be credited after its activation?

For what amount can I create a WhiteBIT code?

Can I transfer several currencies by one code?

I cannot see the code I have created, where can I find it?

How to activate a WhiteBIT Code?

Can I send a WhiteBIT Code to an unregistered user?

How to pass a WhiteBIT Code?

Why don’t I receive e-mails from WhiteBIT?


What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

How to enable the two-factor authentication (2FA)?

What to do if I lost access to the two-factor authentication app?

How to enable аnti-phishing?

Is it safe to use the WhiteBIT exchange?

Crypto-assets risks warning

Important notice for residents in Spain

ussd-menu lifecell

For whom is the ussd menu function available?

How does this feature work?

How to use the ussd menu?