WorldToken (WORLD)

WorldToken (WORLD)


World Challenge Game is a gaming and entertainment company. The team has developed the first board game to integrate blockchain technology that combines strategy and general knowledge. Furthermore, the first edition of the board game will be released with a free NFT. This NFT can be used in the mobile version of the game for playing, competing, and ranking to earn rewards in $WORLD, the native token. $WORLD is the utility token of the ecosystem.

  • 526,320 WORLD Offers on Launchpad
  • 603 Members
  • 1 min 17 sec Duration of Voting


The distribution of tokens will be carried out in stages. 20% of tokens will be credited to users’ Main balances within the initial distribution, while the distribution of the other 80% will start 22 Dec, 2023, and be carried out once a month for 12 months in equal monthly installments.

02 Nov, 2023 20%
22 Dec, 2023 6.74%
21 Jan, 2024 6.66%
21 Feb, 2024 6.66%
21 Mar, 2024 6.66%
21 Apr, 2024 6.66%
21 May, 2024 6.66%
21 Jun, 2024 6.66%
21 Jul, 2024 6.66%
21 Aug, 2024 6.66%
21 Sep, 2024 6.66%
21 Oct, 2024 6.66%
21 Nov, 2024 6.66%
Total Investment
  • First Distribution
  • Subsequent Distribution


Discover the journey of WorldToken through our Timeline. Be the first to know the critical launching dates as we implement the Launchpad in several exciting stages. Don't miss a beat!

The Launchpad Will Be Implemented in Several Stages:

  • 20.10.2023

    Getting Started With WORLD

    Our team has carefully reviewed and approved this project for your consideration. Take a look at the publicly available information and decide if you want to participate in the voting process.

  • 24.10.2023

    Start of Voting

    If you have WBT in Holding, you can vote for the project to support it within the WhiteBIT Launchpad.

  • 31.10.2023

    Settlement Period

    The project has to acquire a sufficient number of votes to get listed.

  • 02.11.2023

    Initial Distribution

    Once the Launchpad is over and the project receives enough votes to be added, your Main Balance will be credited with a percentage of the project’s tokens within the initial distribution. If the project does not receive enough votes, the funds invested for voting will be returned to the Main Balance.

  • 22.12.2023

    Vesting Distribution

    Commencement of the distribution of the remaining percentage of tokens that will be credited to your Main Balance every month for 12 months.

Project Description

What is World Challenge Game?

World Challenge Game is an innovative gaming and entertainment company and a registered trademark with the EUIPO, facilitating international expansion. As the name suggests, the team has pioneered the creation of the first-ever board game that seamlessly integrates a mobile app and blockchain technology. This board game offers a captivating fusion of strategy and general knowledge in English and Spanish.

The inaugural edition of the game comes with a complimentary NFT that users can utilize within the World Challenge mobile app. Each physical game box contains a unique QR code, ensuring a seamless and secure process for redeeming NFTs.

The mobile version of World Challenge Game is entirely free and encompasses all the essence of the board game, plus an added dose of fun! The mobile app enables users to engage with players from across the globe, enhancing the global gaming experience.

Additionally, in World Challenge Game, users can leverage NFTs to unlock incredible rewards through their knowledge.

$WORLD stands as the utility token within the ecosystem. A portion of the earnings generated from the game, including ad revenue and purchases, will be allocated to repurchasing tokens from the market for burning. Another portion will be dedicated to rewarding the valued players.

Voting and Token Distribution

The total supply of WORLD is 21,000,000 tokens, with 526,320 tokens allocated for WhiteBIT Launchpad, which is approximately 2.5% of the total supply. In case of the Launchpad success, the members will receive an immediate allocation of 20% of the new tokens, with the remaining 80% distributed proportionally over a span of 12 months within a vesting mechanism. The distribution of the rest 80% will commence one month after the listing.

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The Project’s Core Team

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  • Bogdan Tapu

    Bogdan Tapu


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  • Daniel G. Blázquez

    Daniel G. Blázquez


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  • Carles Pons

    Carles Pons

    Videogame Developer Specialist

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  • Marcos García

    Marcos García

    Video Game Developer

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  • Santiago Moreno

    Santiago Moreno

    Video Game Developer

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  • Fran Gómez

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    Jairo Galeano


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