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Find out how much profit you can make via our referral program by inviting your friends.

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By owning WBT you can increase the referral bonus By owning WBT you can increase the referral bonus

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What is WhiteBIT’s referral program?
Our referral program allows you to receive 40% of every trading fee paid by the people you have invited to sign up on our exchange via the referral link. For example, your referrals have traded $500 000 in one week. In this case, their trading fee equals $500, and 40% ($200) from this sum is yours. If they trade $500 000 every week, in one month, you will receive $800.
How to join WhiteBIT’s referral program?
Go to your profile and click «Invite a friend». You will see your referral link, which you can copy and share with other people. As soon as they use this link to sign up on our exchange, they will become your referrals, and 40% of their fees will be paid to you.
When and how do I receive my profit?
Your bonus from all the referrals’ commissions is paid to you monthly (on the 1st day of every month within 24 hours from 00:00 UTC). It is displayed in the currencies that were traded by your referrals. Your bonus history can be found on the Referrals page.
Are there any limitations?
You can invite an unlimited number of referrals, and they can trade any amounts. Your bonus from their trading fee will stay the same (40%).