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WhiteBIT Launchpad

The Launchpad by WhiteBIT offers the exclusive chance to purchase tokens of promising crypto projects at a fixed price before they hit the market.

WhiteBIT Launchpad


How to Start?

See how to join the community of early investors and ignite your journey through WhiteBIT Launchpad

  • Step 1

    Start of Voting

    If you have WBT in Holding, you can vote for the project to support it within the WhiteBIT Launchpad.

  • Step 2

    Settlement Period

    For the project to get listed on the exchange, it must collect a sufficient amount of votes. Once the settlement period is over to partake in token distribution.

  • Step 3

    Final Distribution of Tokens

    As soon as the Launchpad ends and the project receives enough votes for the listing, you will be credited with the new tokens. If the project does not get enough votes, your funds will be returned to you.

How to Start?

You Can Only Vote with WBT in Holding

The amount of USDT allocation that you can use for voting depends on the amount of WBT in Holding.

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What Is a WhiteBIT Launchpad? How to Buy a Coin Before It Launches?
Crypto Launchpad is a platform that helps WhiteBIT users discover new crypto projects, select those they support the most, and vote for their listing on WhiteBIT. To buy a new asset before it hits the market, users need to facilitate its listing by voting. Please note that all operations related to WhiteBIT Launchpad are carried out through the partner company – Nova Fintech LLC (company number: 2567LLC, registered under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).
How Does a Launchpad Work?
Crypto Launchpad has become a popular alternative to traditional fundraising methods, as it provides a more accessible, controlled, and secure platform for the investor community. It helps launch cryptocurrency projects, raise funds, and give investors access to discounted tokens early. The exchange carefully vets projects seeking to bring their assets to market through Launchpad. Having gone through careful compliance checks, the projects are made available for safe voting to get listed on the exchange. This mechanism allows both seasoned experts and newcomers to participate in shaping the selection of assets on the platform. The project is added to the exchange once it has received enough votes. As a result, Launchpad participants will have exclusive access to the project's new tokens before they get available to the public.
What Are the Benefits of Using WhiteBIT Launchpad?
WhiteBIT Launchpad offers numerous advantages for both experienced professionals and industry newcomers. The platform provides strict project evaluation, ensuring high quality and reliability for projects eligible for voting. Participants of the Launchpad Crypto gain early access to information about new crypto projects and their assets, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve before the projects are introduced to the wider market. The WhiteBIT community plays a crucial role in project selection, empowering users to directly impact the platform's offerings through community-driven selection. Moreover, if a project receives sufficient votes, each participant in the voting process is allocated their fair share of the new project's assets at a fixed price, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the allocation process.
What If the Project I Voted for Does Not Receive Enough Votes?
If a project does not receive enough votes to be listed on WhiteBIT, users who voted will receive all their funds back.
How Are Tokens Distributed and What Is Vesting?
Vesting is a system of gradual distribution of tokens among Launchpad participants. This means that in case of a successful voting, the user will not receive all tokens in one go, but only a certain percentage within the initial distribution. The rest of the tokens will be credited to the user in equal proportions during the period established by the project. All information about the vesting periods and the accrual percentage will be available on the project page on Launchpad.