Collect the Whole Team — Get USDT Crypto Bonuses!

Collect the cards of the Ukraine National Football Team, boost their Luck, register on the exchange and get crypto bonuses!


Real Fan of the National Team? Choose Your Way to Take Part!

Together with the Ukraine National Football Team, we are launching a campaign: gather all 28 collectible cards to share the prize pool of up to 250,000 USDT, earn Luck points and get a chance to win prizes up to 1,000 USDT!

Detailed Terms


Collect All 28 Cards with the Ukraine National Team Players!

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The Whole Team Includes 28 Cards!

  • 1

    Buy Football Collectible Cards

    Exclusively in ATB supermarkets

  • 2

    Log in to the Game Web Application

    First, log in to the ATB-Market app

  • 3

    Get the "Collector" Award

    Get your prize on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. Just don't forget to pass KYC verification!

Master of Luck

More Luck — More Chances to Win 1,000 USDT!

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The More Luck, the Better!

  • 1

    Buy Football Collectible Cards

    Exclusively in ATB supermarkets

  • 2

    Log in to the ATB-Market App

    Activate cards to boost Luck in the Game web application

  • 3

    Tap on the Card and Scan Repeated Cards to Get More Luck

  • 4

    Sign up on WhiteBIT and Pass KYC

Instant Bonus

Get Our Bonus in the Epic Sachet!

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Your Bonus Is in the Epic Sachet!

  • 1

    Buy Epic Sachet at the ATB Supermarket

  • 2

    Find a WhiteBIT Bonus Card

    You can activate the other 2 cards in the Game web application

  • 3

    Scan the QR Code with the WhiteBIT Bonus

  • 4

    Get Your Instant Bonus to Your Main Account

    First, you need to register on WhiteBIT and pass KYC verification!

Don't Miss the Welcome Bonus!

The first 10,000 football fans to sign up will get a 5 USDT bonus! Just sign up on WhiteBIT from this page, complete the verification, download the app, and follow us on social media!

How to Activate the WhiteBIT USDT Bonus?

Only adult citizens of Ukraine are eligible to participate in the Promotion.

Sign up on WhiteBIT
Pass KYC Verification
Scan the QR Code on the WhiteBIT Card
Your Bonus Is Already Waiting for You!

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