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For Traders

  • Without registration and KYС
    Without registration and KYС

    We don't store user funds in the exchange account and don't control transactions. All operations are carried out using smart contracts.

  • Invest and earn
    Invest and earn

    Profit from transactions of other users is a great alternative to simply storing crypto assets.

  • Become a WhiteSwap co-owner
    Become a WhiteSwap co-owner

    Earnings on staking a governance token (WSD) and participation in the development of the project.

  • Clean and safety
    Clean and safety

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Supported chains

  • Ethereum

    Familiar, secure and supports over 300 top tokens

  • Tron

    The fastest growing network in the world, with a focus on the Asian market

  • Polygon

    Network transactions are much cheaper and faster than on Ethereum

WhiteSwap Features

Immerse yourself in the world of true decentralization using financial instruments of passive investment. Become a liquidity provider, create your own farms from pools and relax while the cryptocurrency works for you.

Start use it now
  • Liquidity pools
    Liquidity pools

    Liquidity within a pair is pooled across all providers.

  • Staking

    In farming, you invest in liquidity pools with different tokens.

  • Farming

    With WSD staking, you can get a part of the generated trading fees.

Token to manage WSD

Token to manage WSD
What’s a Governance Token?

These tokens give you the ability to influence the direction of your project. Users are the immediate stakeholders of DeFi platforms.

WSE holders will have immediate ownership of:
  • WhiteSwap governance
  • WSD community treasury
  • The protocol fee switch

Deep into DeFi world

  • Activity

    Participate in regular activities and get tokens for simple actions. Decentralized, transparent and without registration.

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  • Dex education
    Dex education

    A complete free course on decentralized finance — with theory, instructions, test tasks and a deep dive into the crypto.

    Learn more
  • News

    Be the first to know about the state of the market, new blockchain projects and read articles by DEX experts directly on the WhiteSwap blog.

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For Owners

Take an important step to develop your project. Build community and liquidity for listing on major CEX exchanges.

Contact our listing manager on marketing@ws.exchange

  • List your token on the exchange WhiteExchange
  • Create liquidity pools and attract investments
  • Form your community with the help of our users

Community WhiteSwap

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