Celebrate Our 5th Anniversary and Share 60 000 USDT Prize Pool

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Festive Referral Program

Celebrate with friends – bring together your squad and enjoy the rewards!

What Should I Do?

Invite your friends to sign up on WhiteBIT and get rewards under the exclusive terms of the referral program!

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    Sign up if you haven’t yet and pass KYC.
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    Invite friends to sign up with your referral link. Then, all referrals must pass KYC.
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    Your referrals will each receive 1 USDT on their exchange balance. And you will receive a reward according to the number of referrals you invited.
Number of Referrals*
For 1 Referral
Maximum Amount
1-50 1 USDT 50 USDT
51-100 1,2 USDT 120 USDT
101-150 1,4 USDT 210 USDT
151-200 1,6 USDT 320 USDT
201-250 1,8 USDT 450 USDT
251-300 2 USDT 600 USDT

*The maximum number of referrals one participant can invite is 300 verified referrals. As part of the promotion, the total number of all referrals cannot exceed 3000 registered and verified users. The prize pool is indicated including rewards for referrals.

Trading Competitions: Arena of Your Trading Success

Your trading skills can bring you impressive rewards! Participate in trading competitions for both new and experienced traders.

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