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Enjoy quick crypto-to-crypto exchanges, engage in crypto-to-fiat or fiat-to-crypto transactions, and monitor the USDT equivalent, all with the assurance of a set exchange rate

How to Convert Cryptocurrency?

Convert crypto online for national currency or exchange one digital asset for another in a matter of seconds

  • Step 1

    Choose an Asset

    Indicate the asset you want to “Give” and the asset you want to “Receive” from the assets available on the exchange

  • Step 2

    Indicate the Amount

    Specify the amount of asset you want to exchange. You will be able to see the USDT equivalent for both the asset you give and the asset you receive

  • Step 3

    Use the Converted Assets

    After converting crypto or fiat, you can find the assets you exchanged by clicking the “Go to Balance” button. You can find info about all transactions in the “Convert” section in your History

WhiteBIT Advantages

We specialize in safety, convenience, and speed of operations. Convert crypto to crypto or state currencies within split seconds and enjoy the robustness of our functionality.

Crypto Converter Calculator

You can see the price of any selected asset in USDT equivalent

Rate Fixation

The price of the selected asset fixates with the possibility to renew it every 10 seconds

Simple Interface

Conduct operations in one tab

All Assets

Convert any assets available on the exchange

Convert via WhiteBIT API

Incorporate this feature into your platforms and experience swift, high-quality cryptocurrency exchange via WhiteBIT's multifunctional API service

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If you still have questions, you can ask the support team or read the Help Center

How to Convert Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT?

To convert cryptocurrency for WhiteBIT, go to the "Trade" tab and select "Convert". Then select the two currencies you want to exchange between them. In the "Give" field, enter the amount you want to exchange. The "Receive" field will be filled in automatically, and the amount you will receive in your wallet will appear, considering the fee.

What Is the Exchange Fee for Using a Crypto Converter?

The crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto exchange is carried out at the current market price of a Market order. The exchange rate may change depending on market conditions.

How Is the Online Crypto Converter Fee Calculated?

The cryptocurrency converter fee for crypto and national currencies is fixed. It’s 0.1% of the amount.

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Transaction Amounts for Cryptocurrency Converter and Calculator?

There is no maximum amount for transactions in the crypto converter. The minimum amount is different for each currency. The limit will be displayed under the “Give” field.

Do I Need to Sign Up or Pass the KYC Procedure?

Yes, you must sign up and pass KYC verification to convert cryptocurrencies, deposit, and perform other actions on the exchange.

How Long Does the Conversion Process Take?

The process of converting crypto and national currencies on WhiteBIT usually takes several minutes or takes place instantly.

What Payment Systems Does WhiteBIT Support?

WhiteBIT supports the following payment systems: Visa/MasterCard, Volet, GEO Pay, Checkout, SEPA, PayUnicard, SEPA Blackcatcard, ZEN, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds?

To deposit funds on WhiteBIT, you must sign up and pass KYC verification. After that, you can deposit funds to your wallet and carry out withdrawals.

What Cryptocurrencies Can Be Converted?

The instant Crypto Converter works for any cryptocurrencies and national currencies available on the exchange.