WhiteBIT VIP Program

Get rewarded by trading on your favorite exchange. Up to 100% discount on trading fees, priority support, and a dedicated VIP account manager to help you reach new crypto heights. All because You set the level!

Our VIP Levels

Choose your level and get lower fees based on your monthly trading volume and balance. Trade more to unlock exclusive discounts and upgrade your VIP status. Once you reach the requirements of a specific VIP level, the new discounts will automatically apply to you.

Maker Fee
Taker Fee
30D Volume
Average Balance

Benefits for High-Volume Traders

Reduced fees, a personal manager, cool merch. We offer you only the best.

  • Reduced Maker and Taker Fees

    Reduced Maker and Taker Fees

    Up to 100% off, depending on your VIP level. Trade more, pay less every day.

  • Personal Manager and Dedicated Support

    Personal Manager and Dedicated Support

    Questions? We’ll get it sorted! We'll be there when you need us.

  • Priority Processing

    Priority Processing

    Your deposits and withdrawals will be processed on a priority basis to improve your trading experience.

  • Perks and Rewards

    Perks and Rewards

    Take part in exclusive trading competitions and win great prizes.

Join WhiteBIT from Another Exchange

Join WhiteBIT from Another Exchange

Already have VIP status on another exchange? Switch to WhiteBIT by filling out a simple application, confirming your volumes, and start trading on better terms today!

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Answers to the most popular questions are just a click away

How to Join the WhiteBIT VIP Program?

Once your account meets the balance size and trading volume requirements, you will automatically receive the corresponding VIP level and become a member of the program. If you want to join our VIP program from another exchange, you can apply by filling out the application form on this page.

How Do I Qualify to Become a VIP?

If your monthly trading volume on the spot and/or margin market exceeds an equivalent of 100 000 USDT and more, and you hold at least 10 000 USDT across Main, Trading, or Collateral balances, you qualify for level 1 of our VIP program. The discounts and all benefits will take effect automatically.

How Is My Trading Volume Calculated?

The trading volume is summed up for all days of the calendar month. The trading volume on spot and margin trading must be at least 100 000 USDT. Convert trades included in the spot trading volume calculation. The trading volume in other assets will be converted to the USDT equivalent.

How Is Average Balance Determined?

The required amount on the balance to participate in the VIP program is at least 10 000 USDT (or in equivalent of this amount). We randomly take snapshots of the available funds on the Main (WBT in Holding counts as well), Trading, and Collateral balances to determine the average balance during the month. Further to this, the total amount of funds based on these snapshots is divided by the total number of days when they were taken. Assets in the Crypto Lending plans and the delisted assets since the delisting date are not considered in the determination of the average balance.

When Do You Apply Discounts?

As soon as your account meets the requirements for VIP level 1, you will automatically become a member of the VIP program. You can upgrade your VIP level throughout the month, and new fee discounts will take effect within the next 24 hours. If your account no longer meets the requirements for a specific VIP level, your current discounts will remain in effect until the end of the calendar month. On the first day of the following month, at 1 a.m. UTC, we will recalculate your VIP level, and new conditions will apply to you.

How Do I Switch to WhiteBIT from Another Exchange?

To become a member of the WhiteBIT VIP program from another exchange, you should confirm your monthly trading volumes and balance size. You can do this by simply filling out the VIP status request application.
Once your request is approved, you will receive the corresponding VIP level. It will be recalculated on the first day of the next calendar month, and therefore you must meet the VIP program’s minimum requirements to keep the VIP status.

Which VIP Level Will Be Assigned If the Average Balance and Trading Volume Indicators Correspond to Different Levels of the Program?

The VIP level is determined by the lowest level, which corresponds to the average balance or trading volume. For example, if the value of the average balance corresponds to level 5, and the value of the trading volume corresponds to level 2, then the user will be assigned the second VIP level.

What Assets Are Taken into Account for Granting VIP Status?

All assets on the Main, Trading, and Margin balances are considered in calculating the average balance and trading volume, except those removed from the exchange or currently used in the Crypto Lending plans. If an asset was delisted from the exchange during the month, then this asset will be used for calculation purposes up to the date of delisting.