Transit your identity into Web3 with WB Network

WB Soul Ecosystem

We are pleased to present to you the WB Soul Ecosystem, a Web3 service implemented in the WB Network. The service enhances the capabilities of WhiteBIT users through its own blockchain. The WB Soul Ecosystem allows for the recreation of a user’s identity in the WB Network blockchain through the WB Soul and characterizes it according to your account.

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What is a WB Soul?

WB Soul is a unique feature that we created while working on the WB Network blockchain. It allows users to recreate their identity within the blockchain without revealing any personal data. This will enable users to interact with each other at a new level of trust and transfer the characteristics of their identity to the blockchain level.

More about WB Soul
More about WB Soul
Benefits of creating a WB Soul

Benefits of creating a WB Soul

WhiteBIT has a roadmap for developing the WB Soul in the WhiteBIT & WB Network ecosystems. The first use case of the WB Soul is providing additional benefits to WBT holders on WB Network. With WB Soul, users with WBT in Holding will receive get rewards and bonuses from:

  • Blockchain fees redistribution

  • Funds redistribution

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How to create Soul and get rewards?

  • Step 1

    Pass KYC verification

    KYC verification is required to ensure that one user can only have one WB Soul

  • Step 2

    Connect your wallet to WhiteBIT

    Link your Web3 wallet to ensure it belongs to you

  • Step 3

    Create WB Soul

    Everything is almost ready! Now you can create your WB Soul by filling out the form below

  • Step 4

    Hold WBT

    Send your WBT to the Holding so that its amount is reflected on the blockchain

Get rewards

Get rewards

Congratulations! You are now a member of the WB Soul Ecosystem