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JovJou is revolutionizing real estate investing, making it accessible to everyone. Using blockchain technology, it simplifies property management, allowing users to start their investment journey from just one square meter. The project allows enjoying monthly rental income and the flexibility to reinvest or strategize as you see fit. Plus, as part of JovJou community, users will access exclusive transparent investment opportunities and unique living benefits.

  • 12.10.2023 Termina
  • 25,000,000 JOVJOU Disponible
  • 1 JOVJOU ≈ 0.02 USDT Precio de distribución

Scamfari (SCM)

Scamfari is a product of the HAPI Foundation and a crowdsourcing platform that safeguards the cryptocurrency world. The goal of the project is to collect a database of crypto wallets of fraudsters and wallets involved in raising funds for criminal or terrorist activities. Credibility is maintained through dependable sources and real-time tools.

  • 0.0003662 USDT Precio actual


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