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WhiteBIT Affiliate Program

A better way to monetize your audience and earn rewards for every user you refer. Start taking advantage of great commissions and exclusive benefits today.

WhiteBIT Affiliate Program

Trusted by Global Influencers

Join our affiliate program to extract more value from your traffic and earn commission by promoting WhiteBIT

Finance and Investments Websites

Cryptocurrency News Portals

Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers

Telegram and Instagram Channels

Educational Crypto Companies

Become WhiteBIT Affiliate and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Earn up to 60% of trading fees when you bring new users to WhiteBIT.

Boost Conversion

  • Marketing Activities to Ensure High Conversion Rate
  • Special Offers for Your Referrals

Introduce Our Other Products to Your Followers

  • Crypto Lending
  • WBT Coin

Advanced Tracking Dashboard

  • Get Detailed Reports on Your User Base Activity
  • Create a Campaign with Customized Referral Links and Track Their Performance

See How Much You Can Make

Please use the calculator to estimate your potential earnings.


Customize Your Reward Distribution

The blue color indicates your profit, on the first line while on the second it highlights profit of the user you referred to the exchange. Adjust the settings to optimise your earnings and enhance the referral experience.

Your Profit: 60%

Min 5%

Max 60%

Invited User Discount: 0%

Min 0%

Max 55%

Potential Profit

180 USDT

Join Now

A Few Steps to Get Started

Follow our straightforward guide to join our Affiliate Program.

  • Krok 1

    Initial Assessment

    Our team will take a look at your content and social media channels.

  • Krok 2

    Get Verified

    Complete our KYC/KYB procedure.

  • Krok 3

    Get Marketing Tools

    Receive the best suite of marketing materials to boost your user engagement.

  • Krok 4

    Go Live

    Start earning commission from every trade.


Here we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Affiliate Program. Find detailed information on how to join a crypto affiliate program and what are the benefits.

What is the WhiteBIT Affiliate Program?

WhiteBIT Affiliate Program allows individuals to earn additional income by referring others to the platform under customized terms and special offers. The crypto affiliate program offers a user-friendly interface for creating new promotional campaigns, allowing participants to reach out to potential users across various platforms. Additionally, the program provides a convenient tracking system with detailed dashboards, making analyzing data from each referral channel simple.

What Are the Benefits of the Affiliate Program?

WhiteBIT Affiliate Program offers several key benefits designed to maximize your success. Custom conditions and special offers ensure that you have personalized terms that can significantly boost your earnings. The simple system for creating new campaigns makes designing and managing marketing efforts straightforward, allowing you to attract users from various platforms efficiently. The program also offers a convenient tracking system that provides detailed dashboards for real-time monitoring of your campaigns. This feature helps you analyze performance and optimize your strategies. These features make the WhiteBIT Affiliate Program one of the most attractive cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join the affiliate crypto program by filling out a simple form. Specifically, bloggers, influencers, publishers, content creators with a qualifying website, trading software, or mobile app, and WhiteBIT customers with an extensive network of traders are all ideal candidates. This inclusive approach ensures that many individuals can participate in this crypto exchange affiliate program, making it accessible to many potential affiliates.

How Can I Join the Affiliate Program?

Joining WhiteBIT Affiliate Program is straightforward and involves just a few steps: Sign up/Register on the WhiteBIT. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Fill out the form provided. Receive a message from our specialist confirming your registration. You are in! With these simple steps, you can become part of one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange affiliate programs, gaining access to all the tools and benefits needed to succeed in this affiliate crypto program.