Crypto Lending for Businesses

Looking to earn extra income from lending your crypto assets? Get more from your passive investments with one of our high-yield plans designed for the fast-moving businesses.

Crypto Lending for Businesses

Choose WhiteBIT to Grow Your Crypto Wealth

Have it your way with our flexible plans for larger amounts

Interest Rates to Beat the Market

Enquire about our flexible interest rates to maximize your income.

Custom Limits

Invest from 600,000 USDT for better returns.

Easy Access to Your Funds

Variable deposit term from as little as 10 days to a few years.

More Currencies to Invest In

Open plans in multiple cryptocurrencies to diversify risks.

Earn More Money with a Piece of Mind

Ready to discuss our exclusive offer for larger deposits? Tell us about your needs and we'll find the best way to put your crypto to work.

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What is Crypto Lending for Businesses?

Сrypto institutional lending enables companies to loan out their cryptocurrency assets. By doing so, businesses can generate interest from their dormant crypto holdings. This offering empowers businesses to efficiently manage their crypto assets and capitalize on the potential for growth in the cryptocurrency market.

Is Crypto Lending Safe?

Bitcoin institutional lending is generally considered safe, as businesses engage with reputable and regulated platforms. WhiteBIT employs robust security measures. One of WhiteBIT's key priorities is the security of clients’ funds and personal data. We store 96% of digital assets in cold wallets and use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to detect and block hacker attacks. According to audits and the certification platform, in 2022, WhiteBIT met the highest security level requirements and is among the top three most reliable exchanges with the highest AAA rating.

What Is the Minimum Amount to Invest?

The minimum investment amount for Crypto Lending depends on the specific cryptocurrency being used. However, for institutional customers looking to take advantage of institutional Crypto Lending services, the minimum investment is set at 600,000 USDT or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.

How Can I Make a Deposit?

The process is straightforward and designed to be user-friendly. Institutional customers must first leave an application on our platform to make a deposit. After applying, a verification process is required to confirm the institutional client’s credentials and compliance with our security standards. We will provide detailed instructions and support throughout the process to ensure a smooth and secure deposit experience.

Can I Cancel My Plan If I Change My Mind?

Yes, you can cancel your plan if you change your mind. We offer custom closing conditions that are tailored individually for each client. These conditions will depend on the deposit amount and the specific cryptocurrency used. Please contact our support team to discuss your cancellation options and associated terms.

Are There Any Extra Fees Involved?

We operate with a standard commission structure and do not charge extra deposit fees. Our fee schedule transparently outlines all costs associated with our crypto lending services.