Trading rules

Notional value (USDT) in Single futures market
Max leverage
Maintenance Margin Rate (MMR)
Please note

The values provided in the table are applicable in the absence of active borrows and other active positions, as the amount of outstanding debt affects these values

  • Total amount of 200,000 USDT;
  • Current leverage is 100x;
  • The bracket for this market with this leverage is set at 50,000 USDT.

In this case, when opening the position, the user will have the following conditions:

  • For the portion of the total position amounting to 50,000 USDT, a leverage of 100x will be applied;
  • For the remaining portion of the total position amounting to 150,000 USDT, a leverage of 10x will be applied.

Amount of funds for opening a position:

(50,000 USDT / 100) + (150,000 USDT / 10) =

15,500 USDT