PointPay (PXP)

Prize pool

125000 PXP
  • Prize pool
    125000 PXP
  • Dates
    Jan 28 - Feb 07
  • Pairs


Prize fund
125000 PXP
  • №1 31280 PXP
  • №2 19000 PXP
  • №3 13000 PXP
  • №4-9 5300 PXP
  • №10-20 2720 PXP


This Trading competition is carried out together with PointPay. The project comprises a 4-product ecosystem to securely store, profit, exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrency. Take part and win!

Trading competition terms and conditions

By pressing ‘Take part’, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Each trading competition held on WhiteBIT starts at 12:00 pm UTC and ends at 11:59 am UTC on dates indicated for each competition.

2. The table of Participants is refreshed every 30 minutes. The final Trading Volume data will be collected at 12:00 pm UTC on the last day of each Competition.

3. For each Competition, users’ Trading Volume will be counted only on the Trading Pair(s) specified on the competition page.
4. The Trading Volume is counted as the total sum of all user’s executed Buy and Sell orders on a specified Trading Pair(s) during the Competition period.
5. WhiteBIT reserves the right to disqualify the User from the trading competition if they:
- use wash trading (execute their own orders);
- use accounts with 0% trading fee (except of special trading fee discounts provided to holders of the WhiteBIT Token);
- use API bots;
- use the corporate account (for example, those created for exchange services);
- use multi-accounts (only one account per participant is allowed);
- conduct any other illegal activity covered by WhiteBIT’s Terms and Conditions and User Agreement.
Joint deliberate actions of a user with other affiliated users, utilizing their accounts to participate in the Competition with insider knowledge of such accounts' actions, strategies, and intentions in terms of order placement and execution is considered as operating a multi-account, is prohibited and, therefore, entails the disqualification of such users the Competition.

6. The User will be considered a participant of the trading competition only after they press the ‘Take part’ button on the Competition page.

7. Rewards for each tournament will be sent to the winners' e-mail in the form of WhiteBIT Codes during 5 business days after the end of the tournament (business day means day prescribed by the User agreement).


WhiteBIT informs that digital assets markets and trading transactions are the subject of significant risk. WhiteBIT does not recommend, endorse, protect or act as a guarantor of any digital asset, trading pair or transaction that is present or performed here on the Website. No content on our Website (Platform) is meant to be a solicitation or offer. WhiteBIT is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential or special damages of any kind or losses as a result of the trading competition or any transaction.